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8 Steps To Continuous Self-Motivation

A good way to be continuously self-motivated is to implement something like these 8 steps from Ian McKenzie.
Keep a positive attitude: There’s is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. You can’t choose or control your circumstance, but can choose your attitude towards your circumstances.
How I see this working is while you’re developing these mental steps, and utilizing them regularly, self-motivation will come naturally when you need it.
The key, for me, is hitting the final step to Share With Others. It can be somewhat addictive and self-motivating when you help others who are having trouble.
My 8 Steps
I enjoyed Ian’s article but thought it could use some definition when it comes to trying to build a continuous drive of motivation. Here is a new list that is a little more generic:
  • 1. Start simple. Keep motivators around your work area – things that give you that initial spark to get going.
  • 2. Keep good company. Make more regular encounters with positive and motivated people. This could be as simple as IM chats with peers or a quick discussion with a friend who likes sharing ideas.
  • 3. Keep learning. Read and try to take in everything you can. The more you learn, the more confident you become in starting projects.
  • 4. Stay Positive. See the good in bad. When encountering obstacles, you want to be in the habit of finding what works to get over them.
  • 5. Stop thinking. Just do. If you find motivation for a particular project lacking, try getting started on something else. Something trivial even, then you’ll develop the momentum to begin the more important stuff.
  • 6. Know yourself. Keep notes on when your motivation sucks and when you feel like a superstar. There will be a pattern that, once you are aware of, you can work around and develop.
  • 7. Track your progress. Keep a tally or a progress bar for ongoing projects. When you see something growing you will always want to nurture it.
  • 8. Help others. Share your ideas and help friends get motivated. Seeing others do well will motivate you to do the same. Write about your success and get feedback from readers.
What I would hope happens here is you will gradually develop certain skills that become motivational habits.
Once you get to the stage where you are regularly helping others keep motivated – be it with a blog or talking with peers – you’ll find the cycle continuing where each facet of staying motivated is refined and developed.
My 1 Step
If you could only take one step? Just do it!
Once you get started on something, you’ll almost always just get into it and keep going. There will be times when you have to do things you really don’t want to: that’s where the other steps and tips from other writers come in handy.
However, the most important thing, that I think is worth repeating, is to just get started. Get that momentum going and then when you need to, take Ian’s Step 7 and Take A Break. No one wants to work all the time!

UNAIDS hails Nigeria’s progress on HIV/AIDS fight

The United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) in Abuja on Monday applauded Nigeria for its efforts to reduce the number of HIV cases in newborn babies.
Mr Bilali Camara, UNAIDS Country Director, made the statement at a news conference on the launch of its `Protect the Goal’ campaign in Nigeria, designed to use sports to promote HIV service.
“After the launch of the presidential comprehensive response plan on HIV and AIDS, Nigeria has together taken the responsibility and ownership of its epidemic.
“The year 2013 has been an unprecedented success story in the fight against HIV, for instance, the country  was able to put 148 new people on HIV treatment for one year.
“Again, Nigeria has been able to test 1.6 million pregnant women for HIV, create more than 500 Prevention from Mother to Child Treatment (PMTCT) sites.
“The reality is simple that Nigeria is moving and looking at all the initiatives going on and the commitment at the state and local government level, we can be optimistic that we will be more successful, ”he said.
Camara said Protect the Goal campaign would be used to support the UNAIDS vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.
In his speech, Prof. John Idoko, Director General, National Agency for the Control of AIDS, said HIV was related to all the eight Millennium Development Goals.
Idoko said the agency would use the campaign to target young people, adding that “70 per cent of Nigerians are below the age of 30.’’
He added that 40 per cent of the youth did not know their HIV status and lacked comprehensive HIV education.
“ We need to target young people because 70 per cent of Nigerians are below the age of 30.
“This means we must work hard to make sure that we can bring up this young population to be vibrant and contribute to the economy of our country,’’ Idoko said.
He said stigma had been identified as the major issue in the fight against the virus and  advised the youth to avoid alcohol and drugs as such could cause them to get involved in risky behaviour.
Idoko said the rate of condom use was very low in the country and so advised people to abstain or use condom for HIV protection.
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Jonathan Travels To Congo For Consultations On Regional Security

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has travelled to the Republic of Congo to discuss issues bordering on security = with his Congolese counterpart. Jonathan left Abuja Monday afternoon for Oyo, a town located in the Cuvette Region of the Republic of Congo, where he will among other things, discussed with President Denis Sassou Nguesso on the current security situation in West and Central Africa ahead of the meeting of the African Union’s Peace and Security Council which opens in the Congolese town on Wednesday. According to a statement by the Special Adviser to the President on Media & Publicity, Reuben Abati, the president was accompanied by some of his principal aides and advisers. He is expected to return to Abuja

7 Temptations That Can Ruin Your Relationship

There are a few temptations that can ruin your relationship, no matter how much you love your man. Unfortunately, we sometimes have desires that lead to destruction and ruin even the strongest relationships. That’s why I decided to share this list of 7 temptations that can ruin your relationship that you need to be aware of.
1. Constant lying: When you did something that you know your boyfriend or husband wouldn’t approve of, it can be tempting to lie to him about it. While it can be easy to lie, your lies will haunt you down the road. If you really love each other, you should never be afraid to tell the truth, no matter how hard it can be. A strong relationship is never based on lies. Remember it.
2. Desire to cheat on your partner: One of the worst temptations that ruin your relationships is the desire to cheat on your partner. If you are in a long lasting relationship and you meet another man, everything can become so complicated. The only way to maintain your relationship strong is to refuse to give into that dangerous temptation, if you really love your partner.
3. Stealing your partner’s things: When you are in a long term-relationship and you are living together, it can be tempting to steal your partner’s clothes or cash without asking him. While many couples are okay with it, others are not comfortable. Your boyfriend/husband has the right to know what you take or how much money you take. Don’t take anything without his permission and you will avoid lots of fights.
4. Spending more time with friends: When you are in a very long-term relationship, you might get jealous of all of the parties and free time your friends (especially single ones) have. But, don’t allow the temptation of alone time to ruin your relationship. Don’t forget that you can spend time with your friends; you just need to discuss it with your partner and rearrange your schedule.
5. Putting no effort into your relationship: Once you have been together for a long time, you may feel so comfortable that you may stop putting effort into your relationship. While comfort is a great thing, it can be dangerous as well. No matter how long you’ve been together, you still have to put effort into your relationship to make it last.
6. Constant fights; When you are in a bad mood, it’s so easy to scream at your partner to let out your emotions, however, he could get hurt and it can lead to numerous fights. Don’t risk upsetting your partner, scream into a pillow if you are tempted to vent. It may sound funny, but it’s actually work. Never blame your sweetheart for problems that he didn’t cause. It’s one of the best ways to keep your relationship strong.
 7. Taking your partner’s efforts for granted:Just because you can walk all over him, doesn’t mean you should do it. If he washes your clothes for you and makes you breakfast every single morning, let him know that his hard work is highly appreciated. Treat your partner with respect and don’t take his efforts for granted.
It can be hard to keep the relationship strong, especially if one of the partners put no effort into it. If you want your relationship to stay strong, make sure you don’t act on the aforementioned dangerous desires. There’s nothing wrong with you, if you have these desires, but just don’t act on them and ensure your partner doesn’t act on them as well. Which one of these desires is the most difficult for you to avoid succumbing to? Do you know any other temptations that can ruin a strong relationship?

DOROBUCCI lyrics of Mavins record.. You would love it

Verse – Don Jazzy
ehn dorobucci
don dorobucci
doro jazzy
ehn doro boss
doro big
you know say doro heavy
doro skillful
you know say doro bloody
doro get the biggest label wey you know of
doro tush pass anybody wey doro meet
doro gather pass anybody for the gathering
doro get money pass everybody there
Hook – Reekado Banks
oya doro… dorobucci o…oh na na na
doro… dorobucci o
doro doro dorobucci mama n mo o
doro… dorobucci
bo nye be o
doro fresh….nkwanu
doro big…..nkwanu, nkwanu
doro flashy
doro classy
doro fine pass anybody wey doro see
doro get pass anybody wey doro meet e o
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Verse – Tiwa Savage
doro na diva….doro
doro na tiwa
doro na leader….doro
follow the leader…doro
doro doro do do doro….doro
doro is bigger…doro
doro is higher
follow the ladder…doro
so follow the ladder
doro get liver
she no dey tire
doro hot
doro eminado
doro fine
do do dorobucci eh
doro me
doro you
doro mavin
we the baddest crew
Verse – Dr. Sid
doro suru
doro lere
doro grab
doro carry
doro fast pass anybody wey don dey fast before
doro sleek pass anybody wey doro jam eh ehn
doro hammer
doro pako
doro knack pass carpenter wey don dey knack
doro nado
doro messi
doro dribble anybody wey try to mark doro
Verse – Korede Bello
doro doro
african prince doro
see doro dey make all the girls dey feel robo robo
doro o
doro catch anybody wey doro fish doro
doro chop anybody wey doro beef doro
doro mega
doro super
doro star
doro mega super star o
doro catch anybody wey doro fish doro
doro chop anybody wey doro beef doro
Verse – di’ja
doro bad
doro double-o-seven….doro
doro na yaro
doro wey get e money….doro
doro like for do anything wey doro like for do
mey nobody try doro
cos dey go wound o
doro bad
doro double-o-seven….doro
doro na yaro
doro wey get e money….doro
doro like for do anything wey doro like for do
mey nobody try doro
cos dey go wound o
Verse – D’prince
doro is a cheerful giver
doro is a kind of boss…..a kind of boss
doro is a money spender
doro too dey floss…..too dey floss
too dey floss o
anywhere wey doro dey
you know say wahala dey…..wahala dey
chickalas dey…..chickalas dey
cos doro gallant eh
anywhere wey doro dey eh
wahala dey…..wahala dey
chickalas dey…..chickalas dey
cos doro gallant o
doro money
doro baller
Verse – Reekado Banks
doro popping
doro naughty
doro fly pass anybody wey dey the plane ehn
doro ball pass anybody wey dey the pitch yeh
Hook – Reekado Banks
doro… dorobucci o
doro… dorobucci o
doro doro dorobucci mama n mo…..doro fine
pass wey anybody doro see
doro…..doro get pass anybody wey doro meet
bo nye be o
doro big
doro street
nkwanu doro big
doro chuck norris

9 Best Fruits And Vegetables You Should Add To Your Water For Improved Health!

If you drink 7-8 glasses of water each day, you might want to know some ways to improve the taste of clear water. The great news is that there are a few fruits and vegetables that you can add to your water to make it more delicious. We all know that we need to drink water daily to stay healthy, but sometimes it can be difficult to drink all 8 glasses a day. Drinking water keeps your skin cleansed and hydrated and helps fight acne. Take a look at the list of 9 best fruits and vegetables you can add to your water and make sure you drink enough water each day.
1. Grapefruit: Have you ever added grapefruit to your water? Not all of us know that grapefruit makes clear water much more delicious. If you are trying to lose weight, try adding grapefruit to your water since it’s low in calories and high in acidity. This means, you’ll get the acidic taste of grapefruit without worrying about calories. Plus, grapefruit is rich in phytonutrients, such as lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin A, C, and is packed with antioxidants.
2. Grapes: Grapes are rich in health-protecting antioxidants, such as flavonoids and resveratrol. I recommend you to freeze grapes in ice cubes and only then add them to your water. This way, their taste will be more prominent and you will enjoy a fruity grape drink with fewer calories
3. Lemons: One of the most popular fruits to add to water is lemons. Lemons are low in calories and drinking lemon water can even help you drop a few pounds. Add a few slices of lemon to your water and enjoy the refreshing feel of lemonade without all the sugar and calories. Moreover, drinking lemon water will help you strengthen your immune system.
4. Strawberries: Strawberries will sweeten your water and keep you feeling refreshed in no time. If you love using strawberries in your desserts, smoothies, fruit salads and yogurt, you will definitely like them in your water. Strawberries are super healthy. They help prevent heart disease, diabetes, constipation, hair loss, improve your memory and can even help combat cancer. Since strawberries are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, they also help slow down aging process and keep your skin wrinkle-free for much longer.
5. Raspberries: Raspberries are rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins with numerous health benefits. These berries help lower your cholesterol and prevent heart disease. The great news is that you can use frozen berries if you don’t have fresh ones. Add some raspberries to your water and enjoy a healthy drink any time of the day.
6. Cucumber: Cucumbers are high in water and they contain the B vitamins as well as anti-cancer components of caffeic acid, lutein, and fisetin. Perhaps you’ve never thought of adding any vegetable to clear water, but there are a few great vegetables that can improve the taste of your water and cucumber is one of them. Add a few slices and you will have a refreshing drink in a jiff. Just try to cut the slices as thin as possible.
7. Lime: Although lime is not as popular to add to water as lemon is, it can also add delightful flavor to your water. It will give you citrus taste and you can even mix lime with lemon to get a refreshing lime-lemon taste. Add a few slices or simply squeeze some lime juice into water. Easy, healthy and tasty!
8. Mint: Well, I know mint is actually a herb, but I love to add it to my water and I recommend everyone to do the same. Add some fresh, fragrant, mint leaves to your water and enjoy a refreshing taste. Put it in the fridge for a while, and you will have a fantastic, low-calorie, summer drink.
9. Oranges: Oranges brighten up your water and make it more delicious. In fact, orange is similar to grapefruit but it has a sweeter taste. If you are a big fan of orange juice but you are trying to lose weight, adding a few slices of orange to water and you will have a similar feeling of drinking orange juice. Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C and they can help boost the immune system.
Many of us don’t drink enough water throughout the day and adding more clean water is vital to our health. But you can have a different flavor each day if you add some fruit or vegetable to your water. What fruit, vegetable or herb do you like to add to your water? Please share your ideas with us. Source: